end of the road

So I have been sick now for something close to three weeks.  It started off as a viral infection, strep throat and mono were both ruled out, and this past Thursday I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Luckily, it is the “walking” type and hopefully within a few days of taking my antibiotics I should be back to normal.

I barely ever get sick and this time really knocked me flat on my butt.  I wasn’t sleeping, and when I was had terrible night sweats (gross, I know), I have had very little appetite, constant headaches, fatigue, fuzzy head syndrome (when your brain just kind of stops working), and a handful of other unpleasantries.  Oh I have to mention the chills followed by feeling disgustingly hot, followed by the chills.  This is best when it happens in public (like on a crowded subway train) resulting in me looking like a strung out heroin junkie.  People stared.  It was awkward.

Well no more! I am determined to get better and fast.  I have some antibiotics pumping through my system, some positive thinking in my head, and an overall “I am gonna get better dang nabbit!” attitude.  Still, I wonder if I will miss this illness when it is gone and I have escaped from its clutches.  Like a Stockholm Syndrome type of situation.  I doubt that I will, but just in case I would like to dedicate the following song to my virus/pneumonia.  So long buddy, and take care.

Confession: I definitely belt this song out every time I listen to it.


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