Highschool Flashback Fridays!


I am not sure what grade I was in at the time, but my high school decided to do a Matchmaking type quiz.  I am not sure if it was for charity or what, but you paid a few dollars, filled out a little quiz about yourself, and then in a few days or a week were handed a list of your top 5 compatible people at the school.

I don’t really remember what the questions were, but I do remember that one of my supposed “matches” was an arch enemy of mine.  We didn’t really have a reason to hate each other, but we would throw each other death glares whenever we happened to make eye contact nonetheless.  I don’t even remember his name anymore, but I think he looked something like the below.

My other four “matches” were people I had never even heard of.  I am pretty sure I looked over the list once and threw it away.  It is possible that with that list I threw away my chance of meeting my high school sweetheart…but I somehow doubt it.  Now that there are all these elaborate dating services which essentially do the same, albeit more sophisticated, versions of the matchmaking quiz, I am curious to know what complex algorithm the organizers’ of the high school event used.  I bet it was picking names from a hat…  Sounds about right…


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