tea and crumpets…and some other stuff

As part of her birthday present, I took my friend to High Tea in the Library Bar at The Royal York Hotel yesterday.  And yes, it was faaaaancy.  The tea service can be a bit pricey, but I luckily purchased a coupon dealie for this a while ago and was more than happy to share it with such good company. This was actually my first time ever in this famous hotel and I was not disappointed.  Definitely has that old world charm to it missing from your run of the mill Sheraton or what have you.

The service started with both us selecting from a list of about 10 teas (everyone gets their own pot).  A few moments after those were delivered we did indeed get served crumpets!  I don’t think I ever had one before and I suppose I would liken it to an English Muffin? Are they essentially the same thing?  I will have to Google this later.  The crumpet was toasted, drizzled with honey, spread with Grand Marnier butter and accompanied by fresh berries. Following the crumpets were little sandwiches.  Really fresh and delicious featuring mostly local produce.  I was pretty full at this point already, but then came the tower o’ desserts.  Three tiers of little goodies, warm scones with butter on the bottom, some sort of lemon square and chocolate-dipped petite madeleines in the middle, all crowned off with choux pastry swans (I swoon for choux pastry) and fresh fruit tarts on top.  I had to take most of my dessert home as I was already stuffed, but do not fear, it will not waste away in my fridge.

It was a really great way to spend a rainy and chilly Saturday Toronto afternoon.  Oh and they had a guitar player serenade the room with loungy versions of all sorts of pop music, from Coldplay, to The Beatles, and even Lady Gaga.  Might sound cheesy but it was actually great.

I am thinking I really have to take my mom here sometime…

Part of the tea service


Why yes, the crusts were cut off and there was water cress in the mix.


That dessert tower is bigger than my head


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