Highschool Flashback Fridays


The majority of my illustrious high school career was at Central Secondary school where our mascot was none other than the Golden Ghost.  Yep, a ghost.  Pretty intimidating, right?  Well I guess they can’t be killed, that’ something…  I can’t seem to find a picture of this little guy on the web, but unless they updated him since my time at the school he was definitely the opposite of scary. Wore a smile on his face from what I recall.

The high school I graduated from had the Raider as the mascot.  Not that original, but you know who else was a Raider at this school – Paul Haggis.  That makes it cooler somehow.

I never went to pep rallies or football games when I was in high school so I guess I never really cared all that much about school pride/spirit while I was in high school.  Maybe if I did I would be all proud of being a ghost at some point.  Meh.

I can't find the real deal so I am just going to assume the Central Ghost looks like this.



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