illness watch: 2011

I barely ever get sick, and when I do, I normally recover in no time, so the fact that I have barely been able to walk around without feeling like I am going to faint, on top of coughing fits that have been lasting over 20 minutes I am just as confused as I have ever been about what is going on in this body of mine.

I started feeling sick last Wednesday, which quickly progressed into 40 degree fever and overall “I think I should get my will together” awesomeness by Friday night, at which point I ended up in the ER.  Silver lining moment: I am happy this happened in London and not Toronto, since I was in and out in under three hours, which I think is pretty unheard of in this metropolitan city of ours.  True story, I had a guy tell me that he put a nail through his hand with a nail gun and sat in ER bleeding all over the place for SEVEN HOURS before he saw a doctor in a down town Toronto hospital.  So yeah…

Anyway, the ER doctor suggested that I probably just have the nasty virus that seems to be going around, which may have also impacted me more because of the methotrexate I am currently on for RA…it ultimately acts to suppress the immune system.  He did a strep throat swab (negative) and suggested Tylenol, rest, liquids, etc.  I stayed in London until Monday afternoon taking full advantage of my parents’ comfy couches and extremely accommodating natures.  I lived like (sick) royalty, I did!

Back in Toronto hasn’t been quite as luxurious, but has been equally as crappy health-wise.  Without a seeming recovery on the horizon I went to my family doctor yesterday who suggested that it is possible that I do, in fact, have that nasty virus that is going around, but it also seems possible that I have mono.  Ugh.  I did the blood work this morning so hopefully I will know more by early next week.  I don’t think that my symptoms are nearly severe enough for mono, but I have been told that they vary person to person and don’t have to be super severe.  Or, yeeeey, it is just developing and could continue to progressively get worse.

I am staying optimistic here people and am just choosing to assume that I am getting better by the moment.  Mono shmono!

To good health!  Cheers!

in the spirit of "humor is the best medicine" and all that...


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