timber timbre soundtrack

I have been obsessed with this song as of late (yes, of course, I JUST found out about this ensemble – I am always way behind remember?!).  I listen to my iPod all the time when I am trekking around the city and I sometimes have movie scenes pop into my head that could go along with the song.  This one makes me feel like I am about to turn the corner and meet a Don Draper-type character.  Maybe standing under a streetlight.  On a dark and rainy night.  Maybe smoking a cigarette with his hat all low.  And …  well… the rest is not quite appropriate for this blog.

Well ok, we end up going for coffee and realizing we are not at all compatible…  And then he walks off into the said dark and rainy night and I never see him again.  And then I talk about how he was the worst date ever.

Well that’s not really what I picture, but you just HAD to hear the rest huh?!


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