failing the rorschach

Sometimes I am just flabbergasted by how much two people’s perceptions about another person, a series of events, or an object can be so different. Whether in relationships, at work, or with family members we seem to often have the feeling that we are just not talking about the same things. Being a student of psychology I know that the way we sense and perceive things is quite unique to each of us and it’s a good thing. Otherwise life would be boring and we would lose important things like differing opinions and creative outputs.

Still, at the end of some days I wish there was like a helmet or something I could put on someone else so that person could reside in my shoes, even for a minute so that they really understood what I was trying to say.  And vice versa of course, I realize that even I can be way off on what I perceive to be “the truth”.

This is what the helmet would look like at first. The prototype is always bigger and more crude than the final product. Bear with me.

It would save me that sinking feeling of understanding that someone is just not going to “get it”.  Sometimes words are just really not enough. I guess that’s when you stop trying.

Sometimes it is easier to just walk away, even if it is while throwing your hands up in exasperation. 

The good news is that eventually that exasperation turns into humor – “ain’t life and the people in it funny?!”  And most of the time, a day, or a few weeks, or months down the line you don’t even really remember what the heck you were all worked up about.  Or more accurately, you do remember but the emotions behind it have faded.  Progress can be made.

i guess we all see different things


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