highschool flashback fridays!

This song pretty much captures my high school career.  I am a notorious procrastinator…maybe I would be a lawyer by now if I just did my math homework on time instead of hanging out in the park…

The weekend is the weekend
And it’s sunny in the park
I’ll stay here with my beer and fish ‘n’ chips till it gets dark
I just saw Peter Parsons
Who used to be in my class
I always gave him wedgies cause I thought he worked too hard
He said, “Harry, life is great”
I feel so happy these days
I’m a litigation lawyer
So I got it made
I’m going out with Fontaine
Rememer her from tenth grade?
I drive a Porsche so I can’t complain…


And look at me can’t think of anything better to do
That just sit down at the piano and write this tune
And maybe later
Maybe later in the afternoon
I’ll sit back and relax and think of all the things I’m going to do


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