highschool flashback fridays!

Billy S

To most people, the mention of high school English class, brings up often dreaded memories of studying William Shakespeare.  Me too.  There were a few of his plays I actually quite enjoyed, but for the most part I am not sure that grade nine students are quite ready to fully absorb either the subtleties of his work, or the significance of it.  I know I didn’t really start to appreciate Shakespeare until grade eleven.  Mind you, that year I had a fantastic teacher who spent at least three months dissecting Romeo and Juliet.  If I wasn’t interested in Billy S before that class, I definitely started paying attention at this point.  Teaching style really is everything, so for a teacher to make teenagers care about some old-timey English play is quite the feat.  Although the subject matter, which basically boils down to being a melodramatic horny teenager, don’t hurt either!

Throughout high school I know I read The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and I am sure a few others.  In OAC I had to read both the parts of Rosencrantz AND Guildenstern as we went through the play and since the kid picked to read Hamlet’s part was illiterate (I am pretty sure) I barely went to class and ended up missing most of my chances to practice Elizabethan english.  Ah well, somehow life goes on.

Yeah, this is the guy


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