happy belated birthday roald dahl

Yesterday was Roald Dahl’s birthday and frankly I am seriously thinking of writing a strong-worded letter to the Google people to complain about the fact that they did not create a doodle in his honor!  Although maybe they are just waiting for 2016 which will mark his 100th birthday…  Yes, let’s assume this is the case, because if it isn’t! *shakes fist in the air*

Dahl is one of my all time favorite authors!  I love his kids books and actually re-read them on a somewhat regular basis.  What’s your favorite?  Mine is The BFG.  No wait, The Witches.  No, actually it might be Matilda.  Oh I just don’t know…

Did you also know that he wrote adult fiction?  If you have ever read My Uncle Oswald you will know exactly just how adult his stories can get!  And if you haven’t, you simply must remedy that as soon as you can.  He also wrote stories that were later turned into Alfred Hitchcock TV show episodes. 

A remarkable man to say the least.  Happy belated Roald Dahl!  Oh and how great is the quote below?!  Made me smile on the inside!

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly.  You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.  ~Roald Dahl


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