Highschool Flashback Fridays

The Matthew Good Band/Matthew Good

I was definitely in high school when The Matthew Good Band came on the scene in Canada with their first popular single “Symbolistic White Walls” (posted below) and I have been following the front man (Matt Good, duh!) ever since.  Although I think he is incredibly talented musically, I also think he is extremely intelligent and has a very clear perspective of the world.   I started reading his blog a few years ago, and although there was a bit of a break recently in his writing, he is back at it now on a different site and just as good as ever.  I have read in interviews that he spends hours everyday researching world events and politics and that deep knowledge is always reflected in his posts.  His views and mine are very much in line with each other and he often is able to articulate arguments in a way I would not be able to myself.  I appreciate the time he takes to not only inform himself but others about the often troubling state of the world.

Good is also extremely open with his fans and has posted personal pictures on his Facebook site and through Flickr.  He has also been incredibly open about his struggle with depression throughout his life.  Many of his songs on the album Hospital Music are a frank and honest tale of these struggles that culminated in him having a psychological break and ending up in the hospital after years of misdiagnosis and improper medication prescriptions.   This album also came out around the time I was diagnosed with RA and found it extremely helpful in getting through my own very worrisome and depressing time.

One other thing, he puts on a great show!  Last time I saw him live he did a Stewie Griffin impression, talked about Al Gore (“why did he use the cherry picker in that scene in Inconvenient Truth?  Wouldn’t a ladder be more ecologically friendly?!”), and made one of his crew tell a story while he ran backstage to use the bathroom.

I posted “Symbolistic White Walls” released in 1995 (?) below as well as “Shallow’s Low” which is my favorite song from his latest album Lights of Endangered Species which was released earlier this year.  Enjoy.



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