Good Friends!

There is that quote that floats around out there that says something like ‘your friends are the family you get to choose’.  In that spirit I want to say thank-you to all of my dear girl friends (guy friends, if you are lucky you will get you own post) for being the best damn family I could ever hope for…

In alphabetical order – because I could never rank you ladies!

-AA (well you are already family but you still count!), IK, JB, JP, NM – I love you all and I am so so happy you are part of my life!  Muah! And if I left anyone out, don’t take it personally, I am sure I love you tooooooooo!  Having girl friends is what keeps me sane and I am sure you are all part of that!

I know my friends well enough to know that this image is more sentimental than something like one from Sex In The City. Love you ladies!


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