Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Biology Class

I suppose there are a few biology class moments I could write about, but one that sticks out as the quintessential high school bio moment is when I had to dissect a fetal pig (or is it a pig fetus)?  Anyway, a lot of my friends had taken prior biology courses and had worked their way through a tape worm and a frog before tackling the pig.  Not me. I was thrown right into the pig dissection with no prior experience.

So here’s the whole thing with cutting up the pig.  I actually found it pretty fascinating.  Once you get in there you kind of forget that this was a living thing and just kind of get preoccupied by identifying body parts and what not.  I was going along no problem when the smell of formaldehyde really hit me and made me start to feel queasy.  I had to go into the hall way for some air, but because I was joined my a gaggle of gagging girls (oooh what is that? Alliteration?) it made me feel all pukey and I actually could not finish the dissection.  I think I had to steal my notes from someone else to pass the assignment.

One interesting thing is that when the class was done with the pigs the pig remnants were thrown into the dumpster behind the school.  Is it just me, or does that seem wrong?  Not in the but-they-are-living-things-that-deserve-a-proper-burial way, but more in the isn’t-that-considered-hazardous-waste way?  Maybe I am wrong, but something about it seemed pretty weird.  I guess all I could picture was some random person looking into the dumpster for some reason and seeing a whole bunch of pig parts just lying there.  Seems like they should have been incinerated or something.  But, you know, that takes money and high school budgets being what they were/are…

Yep, this is what it looked like



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