I should really do this more often

I am pretty sure that I am not alone in saying that most people have a pretty constant “to do” list in their heads when it comes to house chores.  I am no exception.  It is really hard to motivate myself to clean my apartment and living by myself makes it even harder.  I am pretty sure I don’t care that much about how many dishes are in the sink, and I can tell you for sure that my cat does not care one bit.  Have you seen how he treats his litter box and the surrounding area?!  A total mess.

One of these “to do” items that has been hovering over my head has been cleaning out the fridge.  I had meant to do it a long time ago and kind of forgot until my sister asked me about the contents of a Tupperware container, which I realized has been sitting there on the bottom shelf for at least two months.  It was used to be soup.  I was slightly embarrassed telling her that.  Then I forgot again.

However, Tuesday night came and I was arm deep in the fridge, searching for some long-forgotten mustard when I saw that soup container again.  My long lost friend.  Sad and lonely, relegated to the back corner behind some also very old Indian take-out and a bag of shredded lettuce.  I figured I owed this soup a proper and dignified burial … at sea … I flushed it down the toilet is what I am getting at.  The soup, not the container.  My rudimentary understanding of the plumbing system prevents me from doing silly things like that…now.

But after the soup I had some momentum to actually keep going to see what other foodstuffs were in need of vacating the premises, and trust me, if you ever even have the slightest inkling to clean, you gotsa to do it!  It is a rare occurrence and one that is to be taken full advantage of.  30 minutes and two shopping bags full of recycling and garbage later I was done and actually felt pretty proud of myself.

I saw some scary things in there my friends, I won’t lie.  Some odd smells.  Weird condiments that I bought on a whim, used once, and forgot about.  At least four types of mustard.  A colony of mold sustaining itself on yogurt.  Tubs upon tubs of half-eaten hummus (why must I buy hummus on every grocery trip?!).  And two mock chicken patties which I think are ok since they are tightly sealed in plastic, but which I bought at least 3 months ago.  They may be the death of me.  Death by mock chicken.  Tragic.

Moral of the story…don’t let this be you my friends.  Having to spend your evening holding your breath as you hesitatingly open container after container of unknown substances.  Getting mad at yourself for, essentially, throwing your hard-earned money away.  Finally, crying in the corner for that poor bunch of grapes that never stood a chance.  You don’t even like grapes that much, Xenia!  Accept it!  Don’t keep buying them because it seems like a good idea!

But I probably will again.  And put them in the fridge.  And forget about them.  And then write another foreboding post about the horrors of the fruit drawer.

Until then please enjoy this dramatic reenactment of me cleaning my refrigerator.


2 thoughts on “I should really do this more often

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