Highschool Flashback Fridays!

First Time Sushi

When I was in high school my sister moved to Toronto and I would frequently visit her for the weekend from London.  At the time Toronto was such a new and huge place!  When you come from London, ON, Toronto is kind of a big deal, especially the first few times you visit.  On one of such trip my sister, her ex-boyfriend and I went for sushi.  It was my first time with the food and it was painfully obvious that it was also my first time using chopsticks.  It was a mess.  I don’t think I pulled the ultimate faux pas of stabbing my food but I think I came pretty close.  I was pretty emabrassed about the whole thing, especially since I was sitting across from two people who were using them like it was a piece of cake.

When I got back to London I resolved to figure out how to use the darn things so for about a week I ate almost everything with them.  I particularly remember eating breakfast using chopsticks early on and flinging eggs all over the place.  I persevered and now I am seasoned pro…well kind of, I still fling food across the table occasionally…


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