OVO Fest

I live on the second floor of a house and my land lady lives on the main floor right below me.  I really don’t mind this arrangement as I rarely see or hear her despite our proximity.  You know what does bug me though?  Sometimes she plays music when I am trying to sleep in on the weekend and if it weren’t for the unfortunate placement of her speakers right under my bed (mounted right below her ceiling) I probably would not even mind.

What sometimes makes this an especially unfortunate situation is the repetition of songs.  Like I am talking the same song five or six times in a row.  Most of the time they are good songs too, but really, how many times can I hear the opening few bars of Superstition by Stevie Wonder before I go a little batty?

But you know when I don’t mind Stevie Wonder songs, even if they were on repeat?  When I am watching him live at the second OVO Fest that just happened in Toronto this past Sunday (yep, that was a segue).  That man can perform! Although I was slightly disappointed by the crowd’s reaction during his time on stage (a lot of people seemed pretty unimpressed), I totally got my groove on and am really happy that I saw him live, even if it was a pretty short set.

Oh yeah…and Drake was there…I hate to say it but I think his solo set was pretty much the lamest sauce of the night.  I suppose that can happen however when your surprise guests are of Stevie Wonder and Lil Wayne caliber.

I apologize for the quality of the video but if you’re interested here’s two I found that capture pretty awesome moments of the night.


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