Highschool Flashback Fridays!


Say what you will about Twi-hards or whatever they are called, but I will admit that I went through a little vampire stage when I was in high school.  As in, I liked to read about vampires, not that stage when I was a vampire, that came in my early 20s…

My friend turned me on to Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and I was hooked.  Lestat.  Armand.  The whole crew.  I was pretty into it.  I remember thinking that if I had a choice I would want to become a vampire at the age of 21.  Legal to drink anywhere in the world I believe.  Teens and their priorities, eh?

I will also admit, since we are laying all the cards on the table here, that I am a big fan of the HBO show True Blood which also centers around vampires.  Maybe there is some teen left in me after all!

Oh and I also liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but only the original movie, not the TV show.

…and Twilight sucks…


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