Say Fromage!

I have a really hard time just plain ol’ smiling for photos.  As anyone who has ever seen my photo roll on Facebook can attest to, I normally make all sorts of stupid faces instead.  When I was graduating university, the photographer for my grad photos was actually getting frustrated by my inability to just smile.  He kept having to make me laugh while he caught some decent pictures…yep, just like a baby at a Sears home-portrait studio.

I think it’s because I had braces for so long and was also so self-conscious before I got my jaw surgery.  Or got my “jaw did”.  I just don’t have all of the years of practice I guess.

But you know who does have a great smile?  This guy:

Isn’t that adorable?  Wildlife photographer David Slater left his camera and tri-pod unattended in an Indonesian national park and this is what happened!  I think these are some fantastic self-portraits and they definitely made my morning!  So sweet.


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