Here are some pics of my Sunday afternoon.  My sister and I checked out the Leslieville Farmer’s Market (try the fish tacos if you go), wandered down through The Beaches, spent some time by the lake and even went swimming (kinda cold, I won’t lie).  I just started to fully take advantage of all the photo apps I downloaded for my phone so here are some for ya`s all!


3 thoughts on “Sunday-unday-unday!

  1. Oooh.. I’m really hoping to checkout the Leslieville Farmer’s Market! We just moved in a few blocks away! Unfortunately most of my weekends will be spent out of the city – I wonder when it runs to?

    • I am not sure when it ends but I would definitely recommend getting there early in the morning. We showed up around 1pm and a lot of vendors were completely sold out already! Also, if you have never been, the Don Valley Brickworks farmer’s market is a good one to check out as well. Not as close to you it looks like but a very interesting place to visit!

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