Since I grew up in Eastern Europe I am pretty used to travel on trains and I find it extremely upsetting that train travel in Canada is so limited and so expensive!  I absolutely love travelling overnight by train in a sleeping car and falling asleep to the chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga… 

Interesting fact: in the former USSR the gauge (or width) of the railroad track is different from that in the surrounding countries.  It is widely believed that this was done as a military defense so that invaders could not easily enter the region by train.  What this means however, is that when you take a train into the territory from an outer region you go through a whole process where the train cars are lifted one by one and placed on a different wheel set that is compatible.  I went through this ordeal in the middle of the night coming in from Poland, and again during the day coming in from the Czech Republic.  During the day was much more pleasant as the whole process is pretty loud and not conducive to sleep.  Plus, during the day locals bring snacks and things for sale aboard the train!  I believe last time, my sister and I bought potato pancakes with some sour cream.  Yep, that is Eastern Europe for you!

I get to take the train this weekend to go to London, ON and even though it is only a two hour train ride I am really looking forward to it!  I have another train trip coming up to Montreal at the end of the month.  Thanks VIA for having early bird ticket prices and 50% off sales…otherwise it would be Greyhound all the way and frankly I like my head, I don’t want to lose my head, hmmm (insert joke about getting head cut off with a machete here).

Of course.


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