Highschool Flashback Fridays!


I don’t know about you guys but I was pretty excited when I got my first high school locker.  I was that much closer to leaning against it all jaded and dramatic a la Angela Chase while watching my high school crush walk away.  The first locker I had was right outside of my Grade 9 home room (Math…ugh) and it was a halfsie, but at least I had the top one.

Like any other “space” I occupied at this time (like my room, bathroom, etc) it was a mess.  I am pretty sure I had to lean up against it to force it shut on numerous occasions.  There is also a somewhat funny story involving me spilling a can of coke in it right after I told my friend 3 times to not do the same thing, which is really just funny to the two of us at this point I think.  I *may* have also found an old sandwich in there one time after complaining for almost a week that one of my locker neighbors must have left their gym shoes in theirs.  Ooops!

And for the record, I have never been stuffed into a locker.  That only happens to nerds right?!

My first one was purple...you always remember your first...


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