Let’s have a serious talk…

…about Jell-o.  As in, I hate it and I don’t understand why people eat it.  A couple of thoughts come to mind when I think about Jell-o.

  1. Time spent in the hospital where they feel that Jell-o is the obvious conclusion to every meal.  They try to switch up with Jell-o pudding cups, but I can’t say those are any better.
  2. There used to be a bar called G.T.s in down town London, ON that had “shooter girls” walking around on busy nights selling Jell-o shots.  They would put whipped cream on them if you wanted.  The thing about these shots is that they were made in flimsy disposable paper cups, so to get the full shot people would be sticking their noses into these little cups while getting Jell-o all over themselves, and just generally looking like pigs.  Note to guys: don’t do this around girls you are hitting on.  You look like a fool.  There, I said it.  Second note to guys, Jell-o shots?!  Really?!  In public?!
  3. When I was working as a baker at a summer camp every two weeks one of the dinner desserts was Jell-o.  It was the easiest thing I had to make, but I hated doing it.  Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen knows that large quantities of ANY food is pretty unsettling, and something like 20 hotel pans full of Cherry Jell-o is no exception.  I could be exaggerating, it could have been 5 pans but that is still enough to have grossed me out.
  4. Bill Cosby.

And why am I writing about Jell-o you ask?  Because I just discovered that there is an annual competition involving Jell-o…  I suppose some of the stuff is kind of cool, but personally, if I had to pick one food medium to work in it would be the medium of Gummi (and that fulfills my obligatory-Simpsons-reference quota for the week).  So yeah, take a look.  Or don’t.  Why should I care?!  ….also the font in this last paragraph shrunk for some reason….freaky.  Must be ghosts.


3 thoughts on “Let’s have a serious talk…

  1. Jell-o monsters are the worst. They take forever to kill, your sword bounces off of them, and sometimes they eat you whole, steal your things, then spit you out.

  2. Jell-o monsters are the worst. They take forever to kill, your sword bounces off them, and sometime they jump you and consume you whole, steal your things, then spit you out

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