Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Lessons learned from the first camping trip I went on with my friends in high school:

  1. It is not, I repeat NOT, a good idea to set up your tents at the bottom of a hill especially when there is a looming thunder storm approaching.
  2. Soaking wet sleeping bags sound/look a lot like body bags when dropped at your feet in the dark.
  3. Check your tents at home before heading out…sometimes the zipper might be stuck due to old bird poop in which case you will have to cut the zipper to get in and out of the tent.
  4. Make friends with your neighbours…they may just let you use their dining shelter to wait out the night after said thunderstorm hits and all of your stuff is soaking wet.
  5. Sound really carries when there is nothing around but grass, shrubbery and the occassional tree.  People will get mad when they can’t sleep at 4:30 am due to your rowdiness.
  6. Apparently for some people a screwdriver will always be a drink, and not a tool.
  7. Dry sleeping bags can yield hours of entertainment when used as capes, especially following sleep deprivation.
  8. Despite the fact that this group of people will probably never be this underprepared for a camping trip again, it is the most memorable one I have ever been on in my life.
  9. The clear night sky is one of the most beautiful things you can witness, especially when lying on the grass with some of your best friends.  :)

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