Step A, then B, then normally C would follow

Do you have a daily routine? 

I kind of have one in that I typically start work around 9ish and finish around 5ish during the week.  For the past few months I have also been working Saturdays and Sundays starting at 4pm.  However, I think that outside of my work schedule I have a pretty un-routined existence.  I sometimes wake up early enough during the week to have some coffee at home and take my sweet time, while other days I rush around like a mad (wo)man just to get some pants on and look somewhat presentable before running out the door.  I sometimes come home after work and stay there, I sometimes don’t.  I sometimes go to be at 8:30 pm (no joke), other nights (mostly if I am out) I may not hit the hay until 2am.

Weekends are kind of the same.  I sometimes wake up, am productive during the day, and then head to work for 4.  Other weekends I wake up around 12 noon, have some food, lounge around taking my sweet ass time.  Occasionally, there is some sitting around staring at the walls involved.

Not very interesting I know, but let me segue into something that IS interesting: how famous/creative people structure their days!  I just discovered Daily Routines, where you can read how people from Kafka to Obama to Darwin organize(d) their days.  I especially love that you can look them up by categories, such as Nightowls, Drinkers, and Nap Takers.

Check out Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule below…

Related: read how having a strict daily routine can actually lead to greater creativity here.


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