Looks like we’re in for stormy weather…

Did you get that CCR reference in the title?  Huh?  Didya?  Sorry…I just really like them.

Anyyyyway, this week I wrote a post about Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Sharer and while I was searching for photos to go with it I came across all sorts of great photographs and paintings of stormy seas.  I love water!  I love how it sustain us but is also so powerful that a breaking wave could snap a human’s neck in half.  Yep, true story.  I was fascinated by the videos coming out of Japan showing the tsunami for numerous reasons, but mostly because the water was just this unrelentless powerful force in a way that I have never witnessed before.

I cannot imagine seeing it happening right before my eyes.  I also cannot imagine being out in the middle of the ocean in a storm, especially on an old-timey sail ship.  But these things fascinate me and I love seeing pictures, films, photographs of water doing its thing.  Here is a selection…  (click on image to go to source)


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