Sure we all know Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, but have you ever read his novella titled The Secret Sharer? I first read it back in the first year of university, but to this day it sometimes finds its way into my thoughts. I can’t say it is as well written as his most famous work, but it is equally creepy and just as enthralling.

The story centers around a young sea-captain harboring a murderer who escaped from a different ship. There is not much more I can say without giving too much away, but I assure you, this is a good read. And for the lazy folk out there, it is pretty short read as well (the version I have is less than 60 pages).

The interesting thing about my connection to this text is that I did not actually remember that it was written by Conrad and I did not remember too much of the plot, but for some reason it totally parked itself in some part of my mind. There is an Interpol song, for example, called A Time to be so Small that would vaguely remind me of it without me being really sure why. So, approximately 7 years after I was first introduced to The Secret Sharer I wrote my first-year English Professor and asked if he could remember what text I was thinking of. (As I said, I could not even remember the author or a detailed enough description of what happens to so a simple Google search.) So after I received his response, and made a trip to my local library, I have improved on my sketchy memory of this story and I am sure this will be one I will revisit again in the future.

Next up, Heart of Darkness. I can’t pass up re-reading it, especially when it came printed in the same book as The Secret Sharer. And who knows, maybe I will keep the Conrad streak going and watch Apocalypse Now for the first time ever…yeah I am so behind I know.


2 thoughts on “The OTHER One

  1. I love Conrad. His stories are as much about atmosphere, creating a mod, as they are about the story.
    Apocalypse Now is one of my guilty pleasures. I haven’t watched it in a long time. I prefer the original. The director’s cut had some gratuitous sex that was unnecessary. My son doesn’t understand what I see in it. Not much story. But it’s like Conrad. It’s more about atmosphere than story.
    It strikes me that there are many similarities between Colonel Kurtz and Micheal Corleone. That would interesting to explore.

  2. I totally agree…Conrad’s stories are much more about the mood and the atmosphere than the actual content (although that plays a signifcant role as well). I think that was why I remembered The Secret Sharer. I could barely remember the plot but I could remember the “feel” of the story more than anything else.

    I will start with the orginial film for Apocalypse Now in that case!

    And confession, had to google Michael Corleone…I already wrote that I am so far behind in “classics” when it comes to film. Yikes!

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