I have been working for 7 days a week for the past 8 months with a few breaks here and there.  In my 9-5 April is a super crazy month so I am taking today and tomorrow off (Wed and Thurs) to recuperate while also throwing in some fun.  I am sure with my new fancy phone I can capture what I do and share it with all ya’ll after the fact, but in the meantime…what should I be doing with my time?

There are the obvious things like cleaning my apartment (boooooooring), doing laundry (booooooring), grocery shopping for things besides condiments, because lord knows I have too many of those (booooring), catching up on my banking and other “responsible things that adults do” (boooring). But what else?  Should this be the time I finally go to the top of the CN Tower, see the new AGO, wander around ROM?

Chances are I will sweat pants it up and not leave the house.  Chances are I will wake up every day, catch up on downloaded TV shows, and then go to bed while brushing potato chip crumbs off myself.  But maybe, just maybe, I will be super motivated and enjoy the city and have some great About Town posts that I can share with you all.

Here’s hoping!

Start spreading the news...I am staying in TO...I kind of, maybe want to be a part of it?


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