Highschool Flashback Fridays!


The first high school I attended had a really big hippy population when I was in Grade Nine.  They all had dread locks and wore corduroy like nobody’s business.  They all also came from really wealthy families so I can only assume they were challenging such WASPy notions as bathing, shaving, having jobs, etc.  Needless to say, by the time the majority of them graduated they had traded in their Value Village duds for Polo shirts and crew cuts.  Not all, but most.

The best thing about this group of hippies was all of the rumors that circulated about them through the school on a regular basis.  My favorite 2:

  1. After all of the girls came back from one weekend with shaved heads/short hair, I was told that during one of their “love ins” (of course!) they had all picked up head lice and had to get rid of their dreadlocks because, let’s face it, there ain’t no easy way to get lice out of matted hair.
  2. The second rumor, or more like urban legend by the time I go to the school, was that there was one particularly wild class that would circulate sheets of acid unbeknownst to the teachers.  Legend had it, one of the students of that time hid a sheet of acid under his shirt and ended up absorbing it all when he started to sweat.  There were a lot of versions of what happened after this, but all of them involved crazy hallucinations on his end and continued ignorance on the teachers’.

And yes, they did play epic games of hacky sack.

Do I really need to put this picture here? I assume everyone has a pretty good schema in their head of what a hippy looks like. But for those that don't - taaa daaaaah!


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