Highschool Flashback Fridays!

House Parties!

Say what you will about “party schools” like UWO, no one does it up like crazy high school kids.  And I should know, I went to Western and went to parties, but I still think that some of the shin digs I attended in high school were way crazier than anything these frat boys can get up to.

There were the regular house parties, normally held while the parents were out of town, which had all of the makings of a good time.  Cram a whole bunch of teenagers together under one roof, add alcohol, and let the good times roll.  Sure there were nights when the police were called, or worse yet, ambulances to cart someone away who went a little crazy with the vodka, but overall the most damage was done to the poor bathrooms.  Young people just can’t hold their booze.

Aside from the house parties, there were bush bashes which were also a lot of fun.  I think I always hoped for a recreation of Dazed and Confused when we were heading out to the field or park for a party.  Alas, the bell bottoms never materialized and there were never kegs just sitting around in the woods ready for the taking, but it was still a good time.

The best thing about house parties in high school is that I never had any at my place!  So unless I had spent the night at the scene of the crime, I never had to deal with the aftermath of one.  Good times and no clean up?  I’m in.

I'm so there


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