Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Grade Nine Journal.

My Grade Nine English teacher made us keep a journal.  He did not read it but just looked at the number of pages we had written each week.  We had some sort of quota.  I still have mine and was thinking of posting something from it here this Friday but my God!  What drivel!  Pretty much every entry has to do with either how my friends are awesome/suck, or what boy I have a crush on and how he may have looked at me in the hall, but I am not sure, and couldn’t I just please please please get a signal from the universe that he likes me!  I was really hoping for something better of my younger self, instead I just squirmed through about 20 entries before I had to put the thing away.  Maybe it is that as I read it I remembered how I felt when I was in high school.  About myself, about life, about other people.  Whatever the case, it is aaaaaaaaaawkwaaaaaard.  Maybe my 40 year-old self will enjoy reading this spiral notebook, but I think for now I am just too close to that time.

Well ok, one short snippet…

…When we got back to K’s house there was a Patty wagon in her driveway.  As it ends up, MW and MD stole a chair from the laundromat and the cops knew they were at F’s.  So they were there to find them.  While K and N were finding out what happened, J and I tried spying from the house, but I am blind and she chickened out so we stopped.  We sat outside on K’s porch w/ F for a while and then went to his house and watched TV until I had to go home.  On Sunday I just went and met N and J downtown.  That wasn’t too much fun.

Wow, a real Hemingway in the making…


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