Sicky Poo

Things I do not like about being sick:

  1. Sandpaper throat
  2. Unhappy stomach
  3. Achy all over
  4. Fuzzy head
  5. Feeling too cold or too hot most of the time

Things I kind of like about being sick:

  1. You can sleep for ridiculous amounts of time.  Hello 4-hour nap yesterday!
  2. My obsession with herbal tea goes into overdrive.  I am probably the most hydrated sick person ever!
  3. Staying home.  Even though I am still working from home this week not having to trudge on the TTC to work is always welcome
  4. Other people’s concern.  It is nice to get it.  Even though 90% of the time it is the typical “get rest, drink lots of fluids, drink lemon and honey in your tea” stuff.  Still nice.
  5. Unfortunately I am currently single, but having a boyfriend/girlfriend look after you or bring over care packages.  That was always nice.

Nevertheless I am hoping for a speedy recovery!



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