Highschool Flashback Fridays!

School dances!

I never went.

Well not to the regular ones held in the ol’ gymnasium sponsored by Much Music.  I did hang outside the school as they drew to an end though to meet up with my friends who did choose to go to the dance.  I think at the time I played them off as being “lame”, but in retrospect I wonder if it was the sheer awkwardness of slow dances that frightened me off.

My high school, like most high schools, had a rivalry with some other high school.  I think it had to do with football.  I remember there was one stretch of time where the high school dance signaled an after-dance fight between some chumps from my school and some other chumps from the other school.  Eventually the police were stationed outside the school during the dances…although that may have also been due to the obscene underage drinking going on at these events.

I did go to a few “Semi-formals” though.  You dressed up, maybe got a date, went to the Convention Centre, got to feel kind of important.  There was also an obscene amount of underage drinking going on here too.  I don’t remember having a good time.  I also don’t remember having a bad time.  I guess it was pretty “meh” all around.  There must have been slow dancing involved, which is why I probably blocked the nights in my memory.  I don’t know why I was so scared of a little slow two-step back then.  A mystery for the ages.

Tee hee


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