Harry Potter

Although I have seen all of the movies, up to and including the most recent, I have never read the books.  So when my friend and I went to see part one of The Deathly Hollows a few weeks ago I was fairly confused in some parts.  And yes, I realize this is Harry Potter and not The Lord of the Rings, but I still think having the background one finds in the books could help.

And so I have started at square one with the reading of the first book and the re-watching of the first movie.  My plan is to do the same with the remaining books/movies all culminating in seeing the final movie in theaters.  Yeah, I am a nerd.  And a behind-the-times nerd at that.

Having just finished watching the first movie I am so delighted in having revisited the amazing casting of Alan Rickman as Professor Snape.  Although always the serious one, I think this character, as played by Rickman, has some fantastic, barely noticeable humor in him.  The dry wit and sarcasm, paired with the subtle facial expressions put a smile on my face throughout the movie.

And also, wow!  Those kids were so little when the The Sorcerer’s Stone came out. Just li’ll wee ones!


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  1. I have never read the books, but I really enjoyed Deathly Hallows Part 1, (although I have no idea what on earth was going on…)

    Snape is probably my fav character from Harry Potter… there’s more to him than you think o.O

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