Interior Design Show 2011

Last weekend I checked out the Interior Design Show at the Convention Centre.  I had never been before and was not quite sure what to expect.  Although most of the displays were geared more towards actual designers and were set up by manufacturers or distributors of specific products (e.g. flooring, bathtubs, bathroom fixtures, tiles, etc.) there were some pretty neat displays for the regular non-designer folk like myself to enjoy.

In terms of themes from the show overall: lots and lots of natural textiles (wood, fur, greenery), for some reason a huge number of funky bathtubs on display, reclaimed materials used for new purposes (like some amazing coffee tables which appeared to be made out of metal from huge ships or some other industrial building – unfortunately no pics of these), and a focus on the outdoor space of a house as an extension of the home.  Gone are the plastic white chairs of patios past, the future looks modern, sleek and surprisingly weather proof!

My favorite part was the exhibit titled “Sibling Revelry” that paired two designer siblings together to come up with one room design.  They were all quite different, but all very beautiful.  Although I think I liked the one designed by Sarah and Theo Richardson the best.

funky lights at the IKEA kitchen display. Me wanty!

Makes me feel like spring is right around the corner!

Anyone up for a garden party?

Cool trunks

Room designed by the Richardson sibling team. I want to have a dinner party here!


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