Highschool Flashback Fridays!

First Jobs!

Like most of my friends, I started my first job in high school and what a liberating, and at the same time degrading, experience that was.  On the one hand you’re out there making your own cash money.  Want to go buy that awesome sweater and then maybe have a slice of pizza at the local mall?  No problemo!  You are no longer a complete slave to your parents’ wallets!  On the other hand, the first job most often equates with the first venture in the customer service industry and man oh man ain’t she a bitch!  Customer service is always rough, but when you are a 16-ish year old, pimple-faced kid working the cash at some place or another you are not going to be getting any respect.  NONE!

And what is worse is that at this point most of us had no back bone, like not even the absence of a back bone, but a negative value of a back bone if that is at all possible.  So we just took it.  At least I know I did.  Customers used to make me cry and I so so so wish I had the guts and common sense to stand up for myself at the time.  Maybe get a little knuckle sandwich action involved.  Maybe a little witty comeback thing going on.  But nothing.  I used to just turn bright red and fight back tears.

I feel really sorry for myself all of a sudden.

Hey this guy's name is Jeremy Freedman! Who knew?!


One thought on “Highschool Flashback Fridays!

  1. This is Sebastian’s you’re talking about? damn shame!

    Yeah, customer service at the cost of your own self-respect is harsh, but it could be enjoyable even, when the customers are nice. And that was a distinct possibility. Sometimes I’d be having the worst day and one nice person would turn it around just like that. So who knows, maybe you did that for some of those cranky pants who were looking for a way to let off steam.

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