On Love

Love is a winding river that ebbs and flows through our days.  Sometimes it cradles and soothes us, and we are like fallen leaves floating gently upon the eddies of time.  On other occasions, love is a roaring torrent that catapults us recklessly through rapids, over waterfalls and against unyielding rocks – until we’re giddy and stunned by the unchannelled force of it all.  Love is raw, untamed, unknowable and unpredictable.  Best – and worst – of all, it seems utterly beyond our control.  That is what thrills us, maddens us, elates us, coddles us and thrusts us abruptly into despair.  We can channel, parcel out and try to influence love.  We can give it a comfortable home, but in the end none can predict where love will blossom or when it will go…

…Love is truly our destiny and our life preserver; we are nothing without it.  And we need only to reach for it.  Never assume you are without love – it is all around you

– From Solace: A Correspondence of Gardening, Friendship, and Healing by Diane Sims and Maria Fletcher


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