Other people’s lives

After reading this article on Salon.com about the current proliferation of Mormon blogs I decided to check some of them out.  These are a product of a seemingly close-knit community of young mothers and housewives scattered throughout the US who publish snap-shot posts of their lives; raising babies, meeting up with friends, being crafty with DIY projects, going to church…

These online diaries are brimming with wholesome, good-natured fun and simple enjoyment of life with those you love.  Yes, there is the whole God angle, but it is really not in your face, and in some cases actually hard to find as it is casually nestled as a link in a couple of posts spanning the past few months.

The Salon.com article is written by a self-proclaimed feminist as a confession of sorts about her frequent visits to these blogs.  Although I do not subscribe to the same religious beliefs as these women, and may find some of their religious doctrines regarding the “woman’s role” somewhat objectionable for my life, I think there is enough good stuff in these personal recordings of daily life to look beyond the underlying current of religion and appreciate the positivity of these individuals.  Sure, it may be difficult to believe that people can be this fun-loving and happy on a daily basis, but it makes me wish that I was.  And most importantly, it makes me want to try to be.

Time to put on a happy face god dammit gosh darn it!

Why do I always equate people jumping as the symbol of happiness?! I don't think I have ever "jumped for joy". What?! My meal is on the house?! Time to jump up and down in a celebratory manner! ...I don't think so


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