Now what?

I once read a quote, I believe in Oprah’s magazine (don’t you judge me!) that went something like “when you don’t know what to do next, just do any old thing”.  I have been struggling for the past few years to come up with a hobby for me to pursue.  The problem is that I have not actually tried anything, I have just sort of theoretically played around with ideas in my mind without actually putting anything into action.  Although I suppose this blog is now a hobby, but for some reason I don’t really count it as one.

I guess when I think “hobby” I think of collecting, assembling, designing something tangible that you can hold in your hands.  Train sets?  Model air planes?  Cross-stitching? Water colors?  I really just don’t know what to go with.  So although I agree that I should just choose something and see if it sticks, I am at a loss of where to begin.  Maybe next time I find myself spending a significant amount of time thinking about maybe, eventually, perhaps trying something I should just go for it and give it a shot.  …magic tricks? …stamp collecting? …scrap-booking?

Hmmmmmmm? Perhaps philosophizing about hobbies is my hobby....


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