To complement my post from yesterday I must also discuss my obsession with tea (which is why the Yogi tea works so well, it has tea and quotes all in one package!).  I just counted, and I currently have 20+ types of tea in my house.  Some of them are courtesy of my sister who is currently residing in Taipei, some are your average grocery store type tea bags, I got some loose leafs hanging around, as well as some medicinal herbal numbers used for bouts of insomnia, sore throats and the like.

In an average day I drink about 6 cups of herbal tea, although sometimes it is way more.  Strangely enough, the strong black tea of my childhood barely makes an appearance in my line up except when I am visiting with my parents.  As a side note, Russians don’t really drink herbal teas (my mom has started since living in Canada but my dad pretty much sticks to pure black) so when my dad goes to make tea he always asks me whether I will be having “real” tea or not.  The herbal, caffeine-free stuff doesn’t cut it in his books.

Since I am currently in a drying-out period from alcohol it only makes sense that my teetotaling ways will steer me towards greater tea consumption.  I am thinking of getting a fancy tea pot and tea cups to really make a fine production out of the whole thing.  Maybe some cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, scones and marmalade, clotted cream, little pastries…maybe a crown, white gloves, pearls…

Tea time?



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