Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Trips with the Parents!

Even though I normally had a choice, I almost always opted to go with my parents on their trips.  We did a lot of day trips to provincial parks, beaches, and some over-nighters to the US.  The trips always pretty much went the same:

  1. Preparation – packing, planning out routes, making motel reservations when necessary
  2. Departure – high hopes!
  3. 10 min post departure – Dad gets irritated with something.  Voices are slightly raised, but it all passes quickly and typically a jovial mood again takes over the car.
  4. On the road – I stare out the window, some conversation is going on.
  5. At this point the stage that I think is best called “The Wildcard” occurred.  Anything could happen – silence for long periods of time or more raised voices or polite conversation or …  basically it really could go any which way.
  6. Destination – depending on how far we drove, the appropriate amount of time is spent walking around, appreciating the surroundings, etc. until inevitably it is time to go home.
  7. On the way home – mostly silence on my end.  At this teenage time in my life this is when I realize I probably should have stayed home.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents but part of my teenage experience was a constant dread that I was missing something amazing that my friends were doing.  To this day I can’t think of anything I really missed out on that was truly amazing that was accomplished by my friends, ever.
  8. Arrival.

And that is pretty much how it went.


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