Highschool Flashback Fridays!

High school crushes!

There was Matt, and Byron, and Paul, and…

There were many, we can leave it at that.

Some, my friends knew about, others were embarassing and best kept to myself.  Songs reminded me of them.  Outfits were decided upon based in what I thought their preference would be.  Awkward moments and conversations abounded.

In the end, nothing ever happened.  Actually much more often than “nothing”, they would start dating one of my friends…or inquire about my sister.  I am still undecided about which was worse.

How did it make me feel? You can start here for starters.

I actually own this Threadless shirt - kind of reminds me of high school. No wonder it makes me cry and roll into the fetal position when I wear it.


2 thoughts on “Highschool Flashback Fridays!

  1. I remember a conversation about vests. The boys we had coffee with after school thought that ‘girls in vests were hot’. I’m pretty sure we all wore vests the following day.
    ; )

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