Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Fire Drills!

Was it just me or did these seem to happen on a bi-weekly basis?!  You would be sitting in class and next thing you know, you are being herded out like cattle into the freezing cold.  In my memory fire drills always happened during the winter.  Once outside, you would wander around until you found your friends, while being yelled at by teachers.

Stay off the road!

Don’t block the entrance!

No, it’s not a real fire, but we need to make sure you are all smart enough to get down the stairs and outside!

My work recently had a fire drill and I was amazed at how calm everyone is when everyone assumes that everyone else is an adult.  I am pretty sure people were getting coffee on their way out of the building and once out we all just kind of stood around and chatted.  There was no yelling and no intimidation; adult fire drill, I like you a lot better than your high school ugly cousin.

It will be loud. Move towards the door.


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