Hannah and Her Sisters

I watched Hannah and Her Sisters the other night.  I can’t say that I am a huge Woody Allen fan, but I typically do enjoy his movies.  This movie was no exception – can’t say I loved it, but I did not dislike it either.

I have to say though, that any scenes I have ever seen of Woody Allen being intimate with a woman kind of creep me out.  And this has nothing to do with his personal tabloidish relationships, but probably more because I am used to the fact that about 90% of people who I have seen in movies “gettin’ some” are very attractive, and therefore the scene automatically becomes sexy.  Allen, on the other hand…

On a related note, when I was studying psychology in university and we began to delve into psychoanalysis, one of my profs shared with us one of her favorite psychology jokes.  To find it funny you need to know that (1) psychoanalysis, as a form of therapy, continues pretty much indefinitely once you start, (3) Allen has been in psychoanalysis for a large part of his adult life, and (3) who Soon-Yi Previn is.

Q: How long do you need to be in psychoanalysis?

A: Long enough to marry your daughter.

Sometimes it is just that simple.


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