Not Quite What I Was Planning

In the spirit of this post I picked up another collection compiled by Smith Magazine, this one called Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure. Some of my favorites below.

Danced in Fields of Infinite Possibilities – Deepak Chopra

And he nerded as never before. – Jon Thysell

Hillbilly does right by his teeth. – Jason Snyder

My life’s a bunch of almosts. – Shari Bonnin

Forty Five.  Never married.  Oh poo. – Sonia Oney

Rebel librarian on sabbatical from boys. – Heather Meagher

It’s pretty high. You go first. – Alan Eagle

Without me, it is just aweso.  – Chris Madigan

Hope my obituary spells ‘debonair’ correctly – Gregg Easterbrook

Underachieving…but willing to overcompensate halfheartedly. – Frank J. Lepiane

Let me in, you narrative whore. – Justin Kownacki

I’m the fine print; read closely. – Kristina Grish

Adopted?  Are you fucking shitting me? – Darius Logan


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