Highschool Flashback Fridays!

Low Self-esteem.

Yeah…not the most uplifting subject to be reading about on a Friday but it was, is, and will continue to be one of the most ever-present characteristics of the high school experience.  Everyone feels awkward – your body is changing, your feelings are out of control, everyone is cooler and somehow much more self-composed than you are…  And then you get out of high school and start talking to your peers about their high school experience and guess what?  It was the same for everyone.  Even the popular kids had pretty messed up self-perceptions in their heads.

Which is why, anytime this topic comes up with my friends I always feel the need to have a toast, or a self-congratulatory pat on the back, for surviving that messy time and coming out alive and not completely messed up (somewhat messed up maybe, but aren’t we all).  Now that I have thought about it, I will also have to add an addendum to this ‘cheers’ and recognize the fact that most of my friends are ones I was friends with in high school, nearly 1o years later!

I wonder, is this because we bonded due to the shared psychological warfare we endured in Grade 9 gym class, or is it because high school has left us forever vulnerable, and therefore scared, of opening ourselves up to ‘strangers’?  At least these people pretty much know everything about me and still accept me as a friend!

As much as I can joke about this, I think the real reason I still am friends with so many people I met in high school – and even elementary school – is because of laziness.  If I meet someone new, one story of some crazy event that happened at some house party could take me upwards of 20 minutes to describe.  With one my high school friends, it’s like “Hey, remember that night with the vodka watermelon?”  “Yeah!”  We both laugh.  End of story.


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