Highschool Flashback Fridays!

The High School Assembly!

Oh High School Assembly.  You really messed with me when I had first period spare and would show up somehow LATE for second period, even though I thought I was early (way to mess with the schedule like that).  You introduced me to a Charles Bronson educational film whose name escapes me now.  During one of you I got my first ever migraine.  Your annual Remembrance Day occurrence would leave me feeling supremely uncool for tearing up during the OAC drama class’s skits.  Because of you I first learned how annoying anyone who runs for Student Council is and how democracy will always be a popularity contest when the voting populace is comprised entirely of teenagers.  You forced me to sit on the gym floor when I was in elementary school, and later on uncomfortable plush seats in not one, but two high schools.  You forced me to listen to the people in charge orate the importance of post-secondary education.  You also made me watch a one-hour movie featuring Tom Cochrane about the 24 hour famine program, and actually made me believe that me starving for 24 hours could save the world.

I pity you, high school assembly.  You were rarely cool, and when you were, you would inevitably screw it up next time around.  You were the puppet of the administration, the postponer of lunches, and the cause of much ridicule.  The only reason anyone ever liked you was when we figured out that your presence made ditching school that much easier.  Sorry, I am just telling you the truth.

Even back then the boredom and loathing was palpable.


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