I have been Trick-or-treating with the best of them and, besides people handing out toothbrushes or apples (those things really add weight to that old pillow case), it was always a good time.  So on this festival of festivals I present to you my favorite Halloween tips for getting a good candy loot.

  • There is always one house that hands out full size chocolate bars. The key is to go there early on in the night and then go back later,  allowing enough time for the distinct characteristics of your unique witch costume to be forgotten.
  • Always take a big pillow case with you – those plastic pumpkin dealies fill up pretty early which means that you are either going to lose out on candy OR you will have to waste time running home to empty the thing
  • If you are in doubt whether a house is handing out candy or not, skip it.  Chances are they aren’t and you’re just wasting time.
  • Dress appropriately!  Being warm and having comfortable shoes cannot be stressed enough.
  • When someone gets smart and says that they want a Trick after you yell “Trick or Treat” when they open the door, kick them in the shins, get your buddy to steal the candy bowl, and run.  This tactic should be discussed and planned ahead of time.  Trust me on this one kids.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!


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