Maybe we already have…

“But what if illness in not a separate category, if there is no line of distinction between the ‘healthy’ and the ‘nonhealthy’, if the ‘abnormality’ is just a greater concentration in an individual of disturbed brain processes found in everyone?  Then perhaps there are no fixed immutable brain disorders, and we could all be vulnerable to mental breakdowns or malfunctions under the pressure of stressful circumstances.  We could all go crazy.  Maybe we already have.”

– From Scattered Minds: A New Look a the Origins and Healing of ADD by Gabor Maté

An amazing book about human psychology, even if you are not struggling with ADD, written by a wonderful man whom I had the pleasure of hearing speak on Cortes Island in BC in 2007.  He makes me want to go back and get my PhD in psychology.  He is pretty much the only one.


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