After many years of hearing about the show How I Met Your Mother, I finally downloaded the first few seasons and have been pretty much hooked since the pilot.  It still has some of that eye-rolling humor you would expect in a sitcom, but it also has some hilarious scenes and I have to say that, for a sitcom, it is pretty risky.  To repeat, for a sitcom it is pretty risky.  We all know, after all, that the Tanner family did not have frank discussions about man-whoring it up at the bar, while the Seavers tippy-toed around anything that could even remotely seem offensive.

The whole premise of How I Met Your Mother is a father, Ted, telling his kids about his life when he was young and single. While there are some scenes where he censors what he is recounting to his kids, I think even the idea of a parent telling his teenage son and daughter about being promiscuous, getting drunk, etc. is not something you would have seen in a sitcom even a few years ago.  And, this one does it well.

Plus, there is something quite awesome about watching Neil Patrick Harris (an openly gay actor) play the character Barney who is the epitome of the selfish, successful, and horny bachelor living it up in New York City.


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