Working Girl…

All the jobs I have had (that I can remember)…in as much of a chronological order as I can remember.  I included everything that I actually got a pay cheque for.  There were some one-shifters that I ran from before they had a chance to get all of my pertinent information.

1. Cafe/Restaurant
• Total time employed: 6 years
• This was my first job! The job interview consisted of the manager asking “Will you do a good job?” and that’s it. It helped that my older sister worked here! I stayed at this job for far too long.

2. Tim Horton’s (kiosk in a hospital)
• Total time employed: 2 months
• I couldn’t call myself a Canadian if I had never worked at one of these (it was part of my citizenship agreement).
• Things that did not make this job fun:

  • Shifts started at 6am every Saturday and Sunday
  • SARS scare = paranoid hand-scrubbing every 5 minutes
  • Old hospital = No air conditioning during a heat wave
  • Shift supervisor position = counting the till at the end of every shift, which, at a place where everyone always comes with exact change, was a painstaking process.
3. Call Centre One
• Total time employed: 3 months

• Cold-calling to get people to switch their home phone providers. Got yelled at, hung up on, while still managing to get a few sales.
• Quit by getting off the elevator on my floor, turning right back around and going home. My supervisor called 5 days later to ask if I knew I had missed my shifts.

4. Call Centre Two
• Total time employed: 2 months
• Cold-calling people to set up cost estimate appointments for student-run painting company – as exciting as it sounds

5. Café Demetres – ice cream/desert café

• Total time employed: 2 years
• I was one of the original staff at a new location which made it somewhat more exciting. Mostly worked as barista but also made all sorts of crazy deserts – that’s real whipped cream yo!

6. Temp Position in fancy Bay Street financial firm

• Total time employed: 4 months
• There were days were ALL I did (that is 8 hours folks) is photocopy and/or file

7. Call Centre Three
• Total time employed: 8 months
• Verified credit card application information for major US-based bank. Paid well. Although we only called people who had applied for cards already, we would still get yelled at for asking personal questions. People are dumb. When I left this call centre I made the decision to never work in one again….not sure why it took so long.

8. Research Assistant in university Psychology Lab

• Total time employed: 1 year as volunteer, 2 years as paid position
• For a part-time student job this was pretty much as good as it gets. Could study while undergrads completed psych experiments, paid almost $20/hour, flexible schedule and would have looked great on a Grad School application (yeah, that never happened)

9. Summer temp job – head office of rental car agency
• Total time employed: two summers
• Filed keys, photocopied agreements, sorted license plates – yep, the high life!

10. Line Cook in University Restaurant
• Total time employed: 2 school years
• Probably the most fun job I ever had – really had to do with the fact that I was in university and working with undergrad hoodlums like myself.
• Lots of after work beer-drinking and/or karaoke and/or house parties that ate up all of the money I ever earned here.

11. Baker at Summer Camp
• Total time employed: 3 months
• Wish it was only 3 weeks – nice to be out in nature and on a lake for the whole summer but I still shudder when I think back to this time. My memoir will perhaps detail my time at this job in a chapter entitled “Stupid Mistakes Young People Make”

12. Baker at Small Local Bakery
• Total time employed: 2 months
• By far the weirdest boss I have ever had.  She was supper passive-aggressive and took an instant dislike to me after I made one mistake.  I knew a family that were friends with her and upon hearing my complaints after I had already left the job, the son said “You can’t blame her.  She has had a really hard life – for example, she’s been robbed at gun point twice!” That always stuck with me for some reason.

13. Cook in Tex-Mex Restaurant/Bar
• Total time employed: 3 years and counting (on and off)
• Although not the most fun job I have ever had (I am not longer a university hoodlum) it is probably one of the best overall places I have ever worked. Awesome, awesome people and lots of freedom! And that is what makes or breaks any job. 
• My job interview consisted of “So you want to work here?  When can you start?”

14. Line Cook at Music/Dinner club
• Total time employed: 1 shift (long enough to see the state of the kitchen)
• Lack of money makes one desperate

15. Baker – Catering company that specialized in providing healthy meals to day cares
• Total time employed: 1 year
• It was like working in a baked-goods factory – totally industrial set up.  Their cause was good, most people who worked here were great, and I met would-be boyfriend of almost two years here – it did not last, but the relationship was my best yet!

16. Sandwich/Salad Prep person in Food Court lunch place
• Total time employed: 2 days
• Lack of money makes one desperate

17. Hostess at trendy (read: WASPY/Hipster) health food resto

• Total time employed: 2 weeks
• Lack of money makes one desperate

18. Paper-pushing 9-5 job
• Total time employed: 1.5 years – still here…
• Meh.

To be continued?
I really think I am missing some as my last “in-head” count was 21…


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